Renting accommodation in Spain

Section for people wanting to buy, sell or rent property in Spain.

Despite recent efforts by Spanish governments aimed at giving fiscal incentives to peoplein rented accommodation, the actual market for long-term, good quality rentedproperty remains relatively small compared to many other European countries.

The best way of starting to look for rented accommodation in Spain is by reading the classified sections of local newspapers or by going to a local estate agents. Some travel agents also offer deals on short-term rentals. The disadvantage ofgoing to an estate agent is that you will be expected to pay them the equivalent of one month rent if they offer you a property you like. This means that you will have to pay three months rent on signing the contract (one month for theagency, one month deposit and one month rent).

If you want to rentsomewhere before actually arriving, try looking at local city guides orone of the many websiteslisting accommodation for rent in Spain.More and more people use the internet to advertise property for rent or forsale so use these sites to contact owners and contrast prices. See also the latestnews about the Spanishgovernment's new Rental Agency.

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