Meaning of Penelope name

Penelope feminine name of Greek origin, formed by "penis"which means thread and"lopia"which means swelling; it refers to the legend that said that he wove by day and weaved by night and means"The one who weaves"; other authors relate it to"penelopes"whose meaning is"Flemish".

History and the Saint

PenelopeAccording to Greek mythology, she is the daughter of Icarus the king of Sparta and of the nymph Peribea. She marries Odyssey (Ulysses), the king of Ithaca and had only one son Telemachus. Ulysses abandons her to fight in the Trojan War, she waits for him and remains faithful. Many suitors seek her, they want to achieve the throne of Ithaca, she held back her marriage proposals for time, she promised to choose between them at the end of a shroud she was weaving for Alertes, her father-in-law. By day she wove and at night she undid her work to avoid having to make a decision. Betrayed by a maid, she finds herself between a rock and a hard place, but finally Ulysses arrives. He kills his rivals and reveals his identity to Penelope.

Variant of Penelope

Penelope Variant Pe.

Penelope in other languages:

  • Catalan: Penelope.
  • French: Penelope.
  • English: Penelope, its diminutive in English: Pen or penny
  • Italian: Penelope.

Famous, famous historical figures by the name of Penelope

  • Penelope lively, was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1933. British writer, noted for her use of time and the way she relates the present and the past. Among his works: "Moon tiger", 1987; won the Broker Award in 1987.
  • Penelope Cruz, was born in Madrid in 1974. Famous actress with international recognition, the first Spanish actress to be nominated for the Oscar Awards as the best female interpreter for her performance in the film "return"by Pedro Almodóvar.

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