Love and animals

Scientists do a lot of research on the love of the animal world. And studying it they understand much better the phenomenon of love in human beings themselves.

There are many who think that love between animals is a myth and that their activity in this field is aimed at a single purpose: the reproduction of the species. However, those who love animals and do not see them only with the eyes of science know very well that there is a lot of love among animals ...

As Valentine's Day approaches, for those hopeless romantics, we leave you some photos in which the animals record the beauty of love ... Words are unnecessary, the images express everything.

Pictures of love in the animal kingdom

Perhaps they are a good idea to send them to your love, for example, on Valentine's Day, (although any day is good). You have more pictures on this page: Animals in love. Although you also have postcards for Valentine's Day.

Video: Love and Respect for Animals

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